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DAD@ Destroy All Dreams @

DAD@ Destroy All Dreams @ was the first major web project made by Andy & Merja. It was started in late 1994 and continued until 1996. The work was a critique of the early utopian hype surrounding the Internet, especially critical of extremist use of the web for propoganda.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit, made for Andy's third one person exhibition in Vantaa, Finland, draws on imagery from the Catholic penetants of Spain, the Klu Klux Klan, and alien beings - the bodies that fit in these clothes are unhuman! The team's names, Envy, Greed, Lust and Desire, sum up our contemporary…

Into the valley of dreams

Into the valley of dreams was made for the Lumen 10 exhibition at Retretti art centre in eastern Finland, a special place in the middle of Finnish lake land. The gallery is actually an excavated cave system underground, creating a unique environment for installations. Andy's work took as its theme…

Happy Christmas

This piece was originally made as an insert project for "Taide Lehti", the Finnish art magazine. It is a design for christmas wrapping paper with the words "fucking black bastard fucking white cunt" in a repeating pattern. For an exhibition at Titanik gallery in Turku I made up some presents…

Be Happy

Be Happy is a two channel video installation. One video shows Andy, made up as somewhat devilish creature, wearing the Be Happy jacket while merrily eating cornflakes. The second monitor is very small, viewed through the keyhole cut in the small wooden cottage that is on the table. In this…

Suburbarama Honeymoon

Suburbarama Honeymoon was a project carried out for Campbells Occassionally Gallery in Kopenhagen as part of the 1996 European Cultural Capital events. Andy & Merja (aka Ampcom) made "research" into the suburban lifestyles around the city, which included both extremely affluential areas, ordinary shopping malls, and run down ghettos housing…


Suddenly was the first piece of public work Andy made after arriving in Finland in 1988! It was at an old saw mill at Kilo in Espoo, just outside Helsinki. The idea was to try to create a comic book feeling in real life - the title "Suddenly" also alludes…
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