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Bloodbath is a twelve screen video installation controlled with Max/MSP/Jitter. The video screens are hung horizontally such that the viewer must walk beneath them to view the images. There is a contemplative feeling to the video, it appears that the hands are washing away the blood (their sins?), yet the…

No Traces of Sentimentality

A large plant-like inflatable sculpture fills the museum space, its tentacles or branches reaching out to suck passers by in. The walls of the gallery are painted with large scale illustrations of head and pubic lice - parasites we'd rather not think about. The whole space echoes with the sounds…

Monkey Business

"Monkey Business, or love in a cold climate" is our latest exhibition, opening 10th November at Kerava Art Museum, Finland. Please see Facebook group for more details!

Empty Stomach at ISEA 2009

Empty Stomach should be shown outside the Waterfront centre in Belfast next week, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th August, during the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2009. It has been quite a struggle with the Health and Safety authorities, so let's see if all goes well - keeping fingers crossed.…