Gas Bag launched at Edible

“Gas Bag”, our latest interactive inflatable sculpture, was launched at the opening for Edible, The Taste of Things to Come, at the Science Gallery, Dublin, Eire, on 9th February. Gas Bag couldn’t be missed as the crowds thronged into the gallery as it took up the biggest part of the ground floor gallery. Many of the gallery staff enjoyed getting a few moments respite by diving into Gas Bag for a lie down, although this didn’t last long as the “bacteria” and other loose food-stuff floating around inside the sculpture started to get “activated” by participants! Edible is a great exploration of all things food related, giving visitors a chance to try tastes and foods that they wouldn’t normally come in contact with, as well as looking at the whole food chain with a new perspective. If you’re in or near Dublin in the next months do go and check it out! More on Edible here.