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Speakeasy exhibition by Andy and Merja at Muu Galleria, Helsinki. Exhibition comprised of single channel videos "Through the Night Darkly" and "Lights in the Sky", autonomous/interactive sonic installation "Babel Speak", 7 autonomous robot Gods, and wall paintings. Andy and Merja once again bring humour and playfulness to bear on a…

Laughing My Guts Out

A fun physical sonic sensation, combining huge cartoon-like guts made with "bouncy castle" technique, with interactive electronic sensors driving an audio soundscape derived from 8-bit computer games sounds. Children (& childminded adults) jump and dive amongst the guts while triggering and creating the sounds in real time. The hysterical fun…


Bodydouble is a four channel interactive video sculpture created for Andy and Merja's exhibition at Galleria Skulptor, Helsinki, 2004. A self portrait, the video layers their naked bodies, fading from one to the other as they caress and touch with their skin. The four screens show the complete body, starting…


1+1=5 is a playful, humourous self-portrait of the artists' family - Mother, Father, and their three children. It was made originally for Andy & Merja's 2004 exhibition at Galleria Skulptor in Helsinki, but has since then been presented both in other galleries and as an outdoor installation.