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New wireless system tested at Eurocultured

We have developed a new sensor data collection system using the wireless Bluetooth Arduino microcontroller boards. Three 3-axis (XYZ) accelerometers (ADXL3 from Spark Fun) were connected to the analogue input pins on the Arduino (X and Y axes only per accelerometer). The accelerometers were positioned near each of the three…

Empty Stomach premieres at Eurocultured 2009, Manchester!

Andy and Merja’s latest interactive bouncy sculpture “...Empty Stomach!” premiered at Manchester’s Eurocultured Festival over the May Bank Holiday weekend. Beautiful weather on the Sunday ensured the crowds a great day, and “...Empty Stomach!” enjoyed great success on its first public appearance. Young and old alike were fascinated by the…

Too Much of a Mouthful premiered at PPP

Andy & Merja officially premiered their newly commisioned work "Too Much of a Mouthful" at the Portable Pixel Playground event hosted by Lanternhouse International, Ulverston, Cumbria, Uk. The piece is an interactive bouncy castle, with flex sensors sending movement data via a Basic Stamp to Max/MSP patches generating sounds -…