Andy & Merja are artist, researcher, curator, educators Andy Best and Merja Puustinen. We are based in Espoo, Finland. We have been collaborating on media, installation and environmental art projects since 1992. If you are interested in our work or would like more information please feel free to contact us!

Latest Posts

Merja quoted on

Merja argues the case against a Guggenheim museum in Helsinki on magazine.

Waiting for Paradise exhibition at Kulturhuset Ängeln, Katrineholm, Sweden

Prawnt is one of several new works to be presented at the Waiting for Paradise exhibition by Andy & Merja, opening on 6th March 2014 at Kulturhuset Ängeln in Katrineholm, Sweden.

Empty Stomach! at Eurocultured in Turku

Empty Stomach! was presented in Turku as part of the Eurocultured Festival in September 2012 as a follow-up to the European City of Culture year (2011).

Fantasia weekend at EMMA

No Traces of Sentimentality will be presented at EMMA, Espoo Museum of Modern Art over the weekend of 24.-25.3.2012.

Gas Bag launched at Edible

Gas Bag at the Science Gallery, Dublin in Edible, The Taste of Things to Come until April 5th 2012.

Gas Bag commisioned by Science Gallery

Gas Bag commisioned by the Science Gallery, Dublin for the exhibition Edible opening 9th February 2012

Skinny Dipping at Studio L2 in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Skinny Dipping exhibited at Studio L2 in Stockholm during November & December 2011

FLE5H0.1 dance performance at Cartes Flux 2011 Festival

FLE5H0.1 experimental dance performance with Ulla Koivisto and Leila Kourkia, at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 22nd October 2011

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart installed at the Old Customs House in Helsinki for Helsinki Design Week 2011